top 2020 destination weddings

Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations!!

1.Banff, Canada

Blue waters and ice capped mountains, Banff is just as picturesque as a postcard! What better spot to pledge forever to your love?

jenna mcelroy banff wedding

2. Playa Conchal, Costa Rica

The west coast of Costa Rica is filled with beautiful beaches, ziplining, and monkeys galore. Costa Rica is the perfect option to have a beautiful and adventurous wedding!

COSTA RICA TOP destination wedding location 2020

3. Scottsdale, Arizona

Sunshine and the salmon toned Camelback Mountain is the perfect backdrop for a breathtaking ceremony. So many beautiful parks and things to do in the city, that your guests will thank you for a fun getaway!

SCOTTSDALE top 2020 wedding destination

4. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that is equal parts romantic and fun. On the Mediterranean Sea, with architecture, culture, and amazing seafood galore in a city that never sleeps, you are sure to have a fun bash in this majestic city.

barcelona top 2020 wedding destination

5. Malibu, California

With the option of the beach or tucked away in the hills, there are so many beautiful spots in Malibu to get married. And the California golden light to help your photos glow? It’s totally a thing.

malibu top 2020 wedding destination

6. St. Michaels, Maryland

Tucked away on the East coast, St. Michaels is filled with the sweetest square of shops, and yummy seafood highlighted by the beautiful Atlantic Ocean Waters.

ST MICHAELS top 2020 wedding destination

7. Upstate New York

Escape north of NYC a couple of hours and you have some of the most breathtaking views overlooking the Hudson River. Sealing the deal in New York, never looked so good!

new york wedding photographer-31.jpg

8. Austin, TX

Austin is the perfect center point in the United States for bringing in family from around the country! There is live music, great food, and so many fun things to do outdoors!

austin top destination for 2020 weddings

9. Asheville, NC

Right outside of Asheville there are some perfect spots to get married that overlook the mountains! Whether you are wanting The Biltmore or something more quaint like an apple orchard, Asheville is the perfect spot for nupitals.

Asheville TOP 2020 wedding destination

10. Elk, California

North of San Fransisco 3 hours on the coast, the beautiful jagged coastal terrain is the perfect spot for saying I do!

jenna mcelroy elk california wedding

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