personal // big news

We've got some exciting things happening over at the McElroy residence.  (And no, I'm not pregnant!) Scott is in the process of starting his own company, and got invited to attend an incubator program in Los Angeles! SO we'll be leaving Houston by the end of January, and while Scott is in the program Christian and I will be living in Lufkin.  If everything goes well in Los Angeles, there is a possibility Christian and I could be joining Scott in a few months in LA or we could be relocating to an entirely different city! 

Our household has been crazy as we get ready to move, and as we prepare for a future we're not quite sure about, but it's a beautiful thing to trust in God's perfect plan.  We know that by following Him, wherever we end up will be right where our little family is suppose to go and grow.  

We will miss this season in Houston, all of the amazing friends that we have met and grown with here, but we know that an exciting chapter lies ahead.  <3